Dynamics 365 Market Insights

Tune in to the news and trends that matter most to you with AI-powered insights.

Make the benefits of AI a reality for your business

Improve your ability to identify, anticipate, and act on market trends and events as they unfold with AI-driven insights.

Discover relevant news and insights

Track and quickly react to events with a scrollable feed that offers a snapshot of key events, trends, and indicators to focus on. Expand any item for more comprehensive details and related information.

Stay on top of the essentials

Keep up to date with concise and timely emails that summarize the news and trends on just the customers, competitors, and products you care about. Easily add relevant topics to track.

Reduce the noise

Better understand what people are searching for and saying about the products or companies you’re interested in. By applying topics of interest in your business universe, along with AI and machine learning, you’ll get insights and articles curated specifically for you.

Make decisions from trusted data

Rely on insights and news derived from Microsoft and other trusted, credible data sources. Each insight undergoes ethical and unbiased analysis and is presented with transparency, explanation, and supporting information.

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