A simple way to modernize sales productivity

Activate digital selling and sales acceleration by connecting people and processes.

Your sales transformation starts here

Exceed customer expectations

Get up and running fast

Free up time for selling

Customize without code

Make data-driven decisions

Meet buyers where they are

Shorten the sales cycle by using a single workspace—powered by AI—that has everything sellers need to engage the right customer, stay focused, and maximize productivity.

Build relationships

Within a unified experience from Dynamics 365, view contextual LinkedIn profiles and insights as part of account, contact, lead, and opportunities records.

Collaborate seamlessly

Access customer data and insights in Microsoft Teams to collaborate productively within the sales team.

Boost seller productivity

Get suggestions to automatically create new records such as contacts, meetings, and tasks.

Keep selling on the go

Stay on top of tasks from anywhere with a mobile-first interface that includes push notifications and robust search, and quickly create or update records in mobile-optimized forms.