Empowering the Frontline Workforce: Forbes Insights

Organizations that empower their Frontline Workers and include them in digital transformation are 3Xs more likely to see faster growth, greater customer satisfaction, increased productivity, more innovation, and better communications. Unfortunately, many companies aren’t including this workforce. Learn why that’s a problem and what you can do for your own company to ensure growth. Read this report from Forbes Insights and Microsoft.

Safer workplaces for frontline workers

The Power Platform Return-to-the-Workplace solution was designed to help employers prepare to return to in-person operations safely by providing safety tools for facility managers, self-service health and safety tools for employees, and case management tools for health and safety leaders. Learn more in this video.

Eight Finance Trends Every CFO Should Know

The CFO’s role is evolving. As finance leaders take on greater responsibility—from technology to strategy—the modern finance department is shifting. Unified data and intelligent technology are just two of the eight major trends that CFOs should be watching closely.

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Setting The Stage For Collaborative Hybrid Teams

Now that hybrid work is becoming the prevailing paradigm, companies are struggling to avoid the pitfalls and balance the needs of a diverse and divided workforce.

Explore the four things you should consider—from investing in the right tools and overcoming meeting fatigue to finding new ways for personal connection with people who may feel isolated and disengaged.

Why you neeed to empower your FirstLine Workforce now

Did you know that 72% of retail executives strongly agree that digital transformation has increased the need to equip Frontline Workers with additional tools? It’s no wonder that now is the time to empower your Frontline Workforce. Learn more stats about how these employees can drive transformation and discover how Microsoft solutions can help.

Develop your own path on Microsoft Azure

Whether you’re developing your apps on .NET or Java, Microsoft Azure offers great benefits for both. From Visual Studio tools, global compliance, and multiple hosting options, Azure is the go-to cloud service for faster, simpler development.

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The NFL Huddles with Microsoft Teams to Digitize Collaboration for Game Day

Due to COVID-19, the NFL abandoned its high-touch, in-person communication culture at league offices and quickly adopted a virtual home field. Microsoft Teams helped the NFL stay connected and safely execute all 270 combined regular season and playoff games and Super Bowl LV—despite the collaboration challenges brought on by the pandemic.

Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Surface devices empowered the NFL to communicate internally and manage operations behind the virtual draft, including event security and technical support.

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Three ways to take cloud-based ERP to the next level

In today’s business environment, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are increasingly critical. By bringing together functions such as financial management, operations, manufacturing, reporting and analytics, and human resources, ERPs allow companies to be run remotely—which is crucial in a post-COVID world, where meetings are more often streamed, and work is conducted from home.

Learn how to take your cloud-based ERP to the next level while expanding the flexibility and adaptability of your business, maintaining security, and driving cost efficiency.

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