Microsoft 365 Security

Help your small and medium business to defend your  organizations against advanced cyberthreats with a comprehensive security solution integrated with Microsoft 365. Grow your practice with Microsoft 365 Business Premium by offering security-based managed services that enable you to reduce operational cost and unlock new revenue streams.

Microsoft is aware of a sophisticated nation-state cyber-attack that has targeted a variety of organizations. Microsoft’s cybersecurity teams continue to act as first responders to help secure our customers and community.

Intelligent security

Built-in experiences across platforms

Provide a friction-free experience so everyone can work securely from anywhere, on any platform.

Best in class and integrated

Our comprehensive suite of leading solutions is unified across people, devices, apps, and data.

AI and automation to help secure your future

Empower your team against emergent cyberthreats with machine learning and automation.

Manage business securely while working remotely

Security operations excellence

Every day our global team of security experts utilize cutting-edge AI and machine learning to reason over trillions of signals to protect customers.

Proven effective for business

Our security solutions reduce noise by 90 percent, eliminate time-consuming tasks, and automatically remediate 97 percent of endpoint attacks detected.

Works with established partners worldwide

We provide simplified integration with your current portfolio through our broad ecosystem of partners.

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Defend against threats

Help your customers protect against advanced cyberthreats, such as phishing, malware, viruses, and malicious links.

  • Protect against sophisticated malware by performing advanced analysis of email attachments in a sandbox environment to detect newly developed malware.
  • Enforce malware protection across all of a company’s Windows 10 devices and protect files in key system folders from changes made by ransomware.
  • Enable anti-phishing policies that use machine learning models and impersonation detection to provide protection against advanced phishing attacks.
  • Help employees avoid malicious web sites by scanning links in emails and documents in real time to block unsafe destinations.

Protect business data

Provide solutions that enable your customers to control who has access to their business information.

  • Use automatic detection to help prevent sensitive information such as social security numbers or credit cards from leaking outside the business.
  • Encrypt sensitive emails so customers and other people outside the company can communicate securely, ensuring that only the intended recipient can read the message.
  • Control who has access to company information by applying restrictions such as Do Not Copy and Do Not Forward to email and documents.
  • Enable unlimited cloud archiving so organizations can retain all of their business email, including the mailboxes of former employees.

Secure devices

Help your customers maintain control over the phones, tablets, and computers that connect to their business data.

  • Enable customers to control access to Office 365 data from outside their network, with flexible options that make it possible to block users from logging in from home computers, unapproved apps, or outside of work hours.
  • Apply security policies to protect business data on iOS and Android devices, such as requiring users to provide a personal identification number (PIN) or fingerprint to access business data, and encrypting data on mobile devices.
  • Keep business documents, emails, and other data within approved Office mobile apps and prevent employees from saving them to unauthorized apps and locations.
  • Remotely wipe business data from lost or stolen devices without affecting personal information.
  • Use simplified controls to manage policies for all of an organization’s Windows 10 PCs, such as enforcing BitLocker encryption or automatically installing critical Windows updates.

Get it Free with Microsoft 365 Business Premium

  • Integrated with Office 365 and Windows
  • Built-in: No need to deploy additional products
  • Streamlined: Protects apps without hogging resources or requiring clunky add-ons
  • Deep in the operating system: Resistant to tampering by malware and hackers

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