Buying is a journey—empower your sellers to lead the way

Your sales team needs more than traditional sales force automation to respond to today’s unpredictable selling environment—rapidly changing buyer preferences, sudden changes in business outlook, and fast-moving competitors. Dynamics 365 Sales is an adaptive selling solution that helps your sales team navigate the realities of modern selling. At the center of the solution is an adaptive, intelligent system—prebuilt and ready to go—that actively monitors myriad signals and distills them into actionable insights.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Your sales transformation starts here

Activate digital selling

Focus on the right customers, engage customers anywhere, and take swift action using AI.

Empower sellers to build relationships

Keep the focus on relationships using unified solutions and data across LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Dynamics 365 Sales, and Microsoft 365.

Keep the focus on relationships using unified solutions and data across LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Dynamics 365 Sales, and Microsoft 365.

Boost sales productivity

Increase sales profitably

Innovate with sales solutions

Improve coaching and sales

Activate digital selling with sales accelerator

Shorten the sales cycle with a single workspace that has everything remote sellers need to stay focused and productive.

Help remote sellers focus by giving them clear and achievable sales activities, prioritized with AI and predictive scoring.

Streamline selling with integrated multichannel tools such as soft phone dialer and email templates.

Communicate with empathy by leveraging AI-powered conversation intelligence to detect customer emotion, sentiment, and priorities.

Build relationships with authentic and personal engagement

Unify relationship data and processes with LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration so sellers can build trust and easily manage relationships at scale.

Get profiles and insights with LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration, including related leads and ways to secure a warm introduction.

Keep track of contacts and visualize relationships among contacts with interactive org charts.

Keep relationships on track with signals from Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 that reveal relationship health and risks.

See the customer’s point of view and improve sales engagement by combining your customer data with survey insights from Dynamics 365 Customer Voice—included with Sales.

• Automate your sales process, eliminating time-consuming, repetitive tasks.

Free up more time for selling

Minimize routine tasks with an intuitive and interactive user interface and suggestions for creating new records.

Concentrate on selling with sales playbooks that contain repeatable, winning sales techniques and contextual reference materials.

Spend less time searching for content with modern sales enablement capabilities that intelligently recommend the most relevant content and related training to sellers.

Reduce training time with a business process user interface that provides contextual guidance during every phase of the sales cycle.

Boost sales productivity with seamless tools

Improve coordination between sales and marketing with cross-team visibility into campaigns and prebuilt workflows that automatically hand off sales-ready leads.

Collaborate on deals across functions and geography with customer information and document sharing directly from Microsoft Teams, a modern hub for chat, meetings, documents, and business applications.

Minimize manual data entry by scanning and converting business cards into new records in Dynamics 365.

Streamline workflow with modern mobile applications and familiar tools like Outlook, Excel, and SharePoint that work seamlessly with Dynamics 365 Sales.

Build buyer confidence in your products using mixed reality from Dynamics 365 Product Visualize Preview.

Accelerate sales performance

Streamline planning and increase forecast accuracy using intuitive seller-generated projections augmented with predictive forecasting.

Promote accountability with snapshots and deal flow visualization to track and analyze pipeline changes.

Help sales managers drive performance with deal insights, relationship analytics, and conversation intelligence.

Discover emerging customer needs, competitive dynamics, and market trends with AI-driven insights.

Proactively identify at-risk deals, gain visibility into conversations, and provide actionable feedback through built-in coaching tools.

Why Dynamics 365 for Sales


Role-based solutions built to deliver personal customer engagement


Familiar tools in the context of your sales processes


Built-in intelligence to proactively guide to optimal outcomes


Grow, evolve and transform with modern, extensible platform