How to Optimize Social Media Marketing with CRM

Social media marketing, which is increasingly becoming popular among businesses, provides you with all types of advantages. The worth you gain from these efforts are often maximized with the proper CRM solution.

For generating hard ROI numbers for management, we glance to tangible benefits like revenue and lead conversions. However, effective marketing professionals understand that the worth of social goes beyond that. Less tangible benefits, like brand awareness and market intelligence also are generated from social media.

Social media marketing with CRM helps you gain the foremost from both — all the advantages of social media by pairing your social insights with the tools you employ to strategize marketing, create campaigns, and analyze your business.

Achieving ROI

Unfortunately, there is no magic algorithm for automatically tracking sales revenue or lead conversions directly generated from social media, but with the assistance of a CRM solution, the method becomes simpler and easier to track.

Sales revenue are often tracked in CRM by adding new leads identified through social engagements into a campaign list for the acceptable social platform (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)  because the leads are converted to opportunities, CRM connects the originating lead and campaign list to the opportunity record, providing how to segment your won opportunities by social platform. All you have got do is create the lead and add it to the right campaign list.

Lead conversions are often harnessed through social media by keeping high-value content behind digital forms and making social posts that link to your landing page. Using marketing automation, CRM click tracking or a click-tracking tool, like Click Dimensions, leads are often automatically created and nurtured in your CRM after they fill out a form. All CRM tools including Dynamics CRM can generate redirect URLs. Each redirect URL targets the Dynamics 365 advertising server, which logs the click and redirects the user to the expected content. This permits CRM to log clicks on hyperlinks that you placed into social media posts, banner advertisements, boards, and elsewhere.

Achieving a value-based ROI?

Social media is not only for directly generating leads or revenue. It should be used as a platform to provide information, educate and converse together with your audience. It builds brand awareness, loyalty, and sentiment over time, while also providing valuable market insights. Social media is currently one among the simplest , most affordable ways to fuel these less tangible benefits.

Having a socially-integrated CRM solution, like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, brings more value to those social insights.

Learn about your customers and have interaction

Social media opens the door to authentic conversations with customers, a B2B marketers dream. Through personal interactions with your audience you will learn their specific needs, pains, preferences, and opinions. This arms you with free market intelligence from the foremost accurate source available: the customer.

Furthermore, a customer who has positively engaged with your brand may be a huge step closer to purchasing from you.

Dynamics CRM now includes Social Engagement, a social center where users can create end-to-end customer engagements, also as schedule posts and visualize their social data. The time saved and synergy earned by bringing all your social media platforms under one roof helps significantly. This benefit is large and is usually overlooked.

Use it for Business Intelligence (BI)

Social media engagements generate data which will be analyzed for quality Business Intelligence (BI). Dynamics CRM delivers meaningful insights and dashboards right alongside where you build campaigns and write your messaging by integrating with your social media accounts.

You should use this social BI to direct and refine your content strategies and campaigns. You will track which sorts of content resonate the foremost with your audience supported likes, shares, sentiment, and reach. Pursue content that generates these sorts of engagements and drop content that does not.

Responsive Customer Service and Quick Support

In the B2B world, products and services typically serve specific industry functions and may get a touch complicated. This leads to confused prospects with high-level questions, many of whom are not yet able to start the buying process. during this case, use social media to deliver quick answers to your prospects’ questions and inform them of your business.

If possible, within your organization’s limits, use social media to deliver support for easy questions from your current customers that don’t necessarily justify a billing. they are going to love you for it.

The truth is, social media is where your customers communicate. In fact, it is where we all communicate. Your business must be there.

Depending on your approach, your social media efforts may or might not earn you a pay raise, but at the very least, it’ll assist you understand your customers and help build loyalty for your brand.

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