It’s easy to see how Cloud Solutions can boost your day-to-day office work. You may have already reduced costs by subscribing to Office 365, transferring the burden of hosting and server-maintenance to Microsoft. Early results should be showing that things are running way smoother in your business’ daily office activities.

Well, mundane tasks aren’t the only thing that Cloud Solutions can completely change for you. The possibilities for a mobile, cloud-based workforce are way deeper. Acumor proudly presents Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 as the next-generation toolbox for your small or medium business. As the era of Cloud Business advances, new business models and new business requirements arise.

Dynamics365 is a stellar collection of intelligent business applications that answers the need for both CRM (customer relationship management) and ERP (enterprise resource planning) services, across all areas of your business. Dynamics365 provides cloud-based solutions for each of your key business aspects; Sales, Operations, Marketing, Financials, and Field, Project, and Customer Service. It allows you to use groundbreaking insights and analytics, modernize your workflow, and use intelligent business applications to your advantage. All the while, Dynamics365 applies a consistent application platform that guarantees its consistency and allows it to operate in conjunction with other aspects of Dynamics, and other Microsoft Cloud Services.

Additionally, Dynamics 365 is fully adaptable to your business’s specific needs, allowing you to use the aspects of the platform that you need. For example, if your business does not provide field service, then you can forgo this aspect of the Dynamics platform. You can start your business by using the apps that fit the necessary roles you want covered, or the apps that apply to your specific industry or business. As your company grows and you become more familiarized with both the platform and cloud business in general, you can integrate further aspects of Dynamics365 into your operations.

But the most important aspect of this intelligent cloud business platform is how it tears down the walls between your departments. Dynamics365 has different applications for different needs, but is in itself an interlocking network of communication that will allow you to organize, plan, and act with a wide, global view of your company. Your Marketing team can create campaigns with better insight on what the sales team gets from the customers. Your Financial team can keep a tighter leash and understand where funds need to be redirected to be more cost-efficient. You can build a more efficient system of customer service with better information collection and analysis through intelligent business apps. All possible through the power of an interlocking, intercommunicating system that you can access from the cloud.

Acumor, a Microsoft Gold Partner, is proud to present Dynamics 365 as a revolutionary way to start your business into the Cloud Era. Schedule a Consultation today and find out how Dynamics 365 can give you business advantages you didn’t know.