Automate Business Process – 1 Day Workshop

Let Cloud help you modernize your organization with our One Day Business Process Automation Assessment Workshop to move your old business processes, workflows, forms, and reporting to the Microsoft 365 Power Platform Power Apps, Power Automate Flows, Power BI, and Power Virtual Agents. is one of the early adopters of all things Microsoft and is totally a cloud-operated business with a deep experience in bringing reliability and scalability to today’s dynamic business environment.

What is automate business process with power?

Business process automation (BPA) is the automation of daily, repeatable business processes that are normally completed in manual settings. Ranging from multi-level workflows to simple customer responses, BPA offers you the ability to complete repetitive work and convert to paperless processes quickly and efficiently. This means automating jobs that deal with an excessive amount of raw data and documentation like product development, sales, human resources, and more.

Power Automate is a trigger-based tool that allows the integration of workflows into different business apps.


Solution Benefits

  • Automation helps your business reduce costs and increase profitability, especially in the responsibilities related to manual paper processes. Since automating processes accelerates your internal operations, it’s easy to save time and money on the resources needed to complete those processes, and you can re-task those employees previously assigned on manual efforts to more important matters.
  • When adding a new automation solution that eliminates the possibilities of mistakes, your business is instantly more streamlined and with fewer errors. By removing the clunky and pain-staking manual processes your team does daily, you eliminate bottleneck tasks and accelerate more high-level business processes between business units, team members, and everyone within your organization.
  • As your employees can get a lot of their day-to-day responsibilities completed easily without error, your team will be much happier in adding an automated solution to your process. Automation provides a friction-free environment in which employees can thrive. Manager approvals are faster meaning your employees are able to focus on more important projects that motivate and innovate business decisions. And as a bonus, you’ll have happier customers as well. Since your customers will receive more accurate and consistent data, they’ll be more satisfied with the product or results.



Automate Business Process Workshop Highlights include

•    Introduction to Microsoft Power Platform, Review of core processes & current business challenges.

•    Learn how Microsoft Power Platform can ease the implementation of your digital transformation.

•    Reporting on KPI’s with Business Intelligence

•    We will then document your Security and Compliance related requirements as per your organization’s need. During the Implementation phase, these requirements shall be addressed.

•    Showcase a Power Automate sample

•    Provide an implementation plan and next steps to help you achieve your desired goals.


The outcomes for this engagement

The outcomes will be tailored to your requirements to meet your specific goals and objectives

✔    Getting Started Power Automate- Define Scope – Assess, Configure, and enable.

✔    Implement connectivity and foundational security for users, devices, apps, and data.

✔    Identify Gaps, automate processes, Risks, and mitigations for a successful deployment and adoption.

At the end of the workshop, you receive an executive report detailing your next steps for a secure Power platform environment.