Transition to Cloud 2 Days Workshop: Cloud is an expert in driving modern workplace transformation. We provide tools and resources that ensure employees can collaborate effectively and share information securely no matter where they work. We are excited to offer a Transition to Cloud Workshop where you can learn how to empower people to be productive and secure as they adapt to new ways of working with Microsoft 365.

This two-day workshop is focused on identifying secure work from anywhere scenarios that align to your business needs, addressing the following:

•          Microsoft Teams

•          Identity and Access Management

•          Foundational security for users, devices, apps, and data



The Transition to Cloud Workshop includes three distinct phases: 

1.         Assess – Gather information on current environment and workloads to be enabled or optimized.

2.         Art of the Possible – Overview of Microsoft 365 scenarios and value. Customer immersion experience of prioritized scenarios.

3.         Build the Plan – Planning workshop for how to deploy and adopt Microsoft 365.


Project goals and objectives:

•          The Access phase introduces you to the workshop and builds the Art of the Possible phase.

•          Showcase Secure Work from Anywhere experiences powered by Microsoft 365 through presentations and immersive experiences.

•          Build the plan for how to deploy and adopt Microsoft 365 within your organization.



Project overview / Scope:

Under this SOW, Cloud will provide the following activities and deliverables:

1.    Phase 1:  Assess or pre-engagement

•     Complete the pre-assessment questionnaire and the Transition to Cloud Workshop Overview.

•     Confirm if the optional Surface Devices module is required as part of the Secure Journey to Cloud with Microsoft 365 session.


2.         Phase 2: Art of the Possible:

A combination of presentations and immersive experiences that will educate and excite your organization on Microsoft 365 capabilities. We will achieve this in the following sessions:

  • Hybrid Work
  • Secure Journey to Cloud with Microsoft 365
  • Transition to Cloud Cost Savings and Business Value
  • Azure AD Business Value
  • Start your Journey with Zero Trust
  • Immersive experiences


3.     Phase 3: Build the Plan:

We will talk through relevant use cases and devices by developing a deployment roadmap.  We will achieve this in the following sessions which will allow you to understand your current needs and next steps for deploying Microsoft 365 in your organization:

  • Review of pre-work findings
  • Environmental Analysis
  • Hybrid Identity Planning
  • Activation and Enablement
  • Teams Workload Analysis
  • Adoption and Usage Scenarios
  • Risks and Mitigations